Step into your Greatness

 What is it about displaying yourself to the world that feels so scary? Can I show up and be great? What if people don’t like what I am doing? What if I look terrible on the camera? What if I don’t know my next move and make a mess? What if I cannot pull it together? Am I in the wrong mood and can’t hide that? What if I am not perfect?

What if you are not perfect? Then you, my sister, are normal. To go from normal to extraordinary means showing up through all the “what ifs?” despite lack of perfection. It means perseverance through failure. It means facing your fears and acting. It means digging in all the little corners of your mind and confronting your demons. It means facing them down and slashing each and every one that says you are just not good enough.

Somewhere along the road we felt that. We heard that. We learned that.

Every bit of that was a damn lie.

It was born and breeds in your mind, generally seeded by the implantation of another imperfect human being. And while imperfect humans are not usually intentional in inflicting negativity to others, they are sometimes careless with the weight their words wield.

It is up to you now to live with intention. To seek out your greatness. To show up. To unlearn those negative thoughts and to relearn the thoughts that will build you higher than you’ve ever been before.

Here are some exercises to help you step into your greatness

Journal about why it is you feel scared. Where are the negative thoughts coming from? What experiences have you had that taught you, you weren’t good enough? What evidence do you have that shows you differently, and that you can be and are capable of more?
Gratitude is powerful and has a way of changing your brain patterns to help you see more positive elements in your life. List 3 things you are grateful for every morning.
Acting toward your fears is the most solid way to slash them. In the Navy, recruits are shoved into the water “accidently” (but with safety measures in place) when they fear the water. Facing the water consuming them slashes their fear of the water immediately so they can now learn to swim.
Envision what your life will look like once you’ve reached your goal. What will you be wearing every day, what will your daily routine look like, most importantly, how will you feel?
Break Down your goals into bite size chunks. Lofty goals are great but won’t be achieved over night. What are 3 things you can do right now to work towards your goal?
Consider your strengths instead of what you still need to do. What strengths are inside of you that you can lean on immediately? Do you excel at time management? Do you have a way with others? What is it about you that will help you move forward with confidence? Apply that strength in everything you do.
Get Creative to release some of the stress you’ve been carrying around. Find a project, paint, color, or draw without the pressure of an outcome. Do it for fun and just for your eyes to ensure it’s carefree.


 About Author

Sabrina Plamondon has a passion to help others live their best life. She has been a life coach for 16 years working with people from all walks of life. She has coached individuals with disabilities, single mothers, people living in high poverty, as well as professionals. Sabrina is an Art Therapist and an Artist.

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Great message and great advice! I need to do more of my art that is for my eyes only. I like that.

Janet Gray

Great word Sabrina and super timely for me. I need to get more focused and intentional with my time and my life. 🥰

Donna Foreman

I love your message here! You spoke the reality of the world and ourselves. We are all different, art is different, it’s all viewed differently from one person to another. We need to embrace what it is that we do and how we create. ❤️❤️❤️

Brandy Marsh

Hi Sabrina! I’m from the Creative Connection and your words are great.

Atkinson Cheryl

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