About Sabrina Plamondon

Hi I‘m Sabrina, the person behind the artwork.

After experiencing the silence of my voice, a well-known obstacle for many women, I set out from overcoming the trauma of domestic abuse with a passion so strong to help others in the ways I had not been helped that I felt like I was screaming from the inside!

I wanted people to feel understood instead of judged, where they could look inside themselves for answers with trust and confidence in their own truths and to help them find peace in a sometimes-harsh world.

Following my degree in Psychology and after years of coaching a new reality hit me, a familiar story of red tape and censorship in our nation which led me to feeling I was making little difference.

To relieve the stress of it all, I began my first piece of artwork, tapped into my creativity and found myself in much different universe!

I realized I could create beauty instead of pain, and the brightest light that only comes out of darkness. While I found this in the most unexpected way, I knew life had been forever changed with a paintbrush!

As an artist, coach, and teacher it’s through these works that I have found how to use my hard-fought voice to make a positive impact on the world to help real people, UNCENSORED and full of HOPE!

I believe we are more in need now than ever to feel understood, and to be CELEBRATED for all of the things we have had to overcome.

To me, life is like those little flowers that grow through the cracks of the sidewalk. It’s sometimes hard, never perfect, but can be radiantly beautiful when people choose to grow even in difficult places.

To the people who STILL DARE; dare to love, dare to dream, dare to grow, and dare to discover beauty in humble places despite real hardships that exist, YOU have always been, and will always be, my ULTIMATE muse!

I didn’t know that day of graduation where the road was going to take me, only that I knew I was on the right path. I set out 16 years ago to figure out how to help other people, especially women, become empowered in their voice and to heal from the suffering life’s trials can cause. Along the way I’ve meet so many people who are beaten down, a simple fraction of themselves and I know how hard of a feeling that is because I was once there too after 7 long years of domestic violence abuse.

I’m here before you today with as much muster as I can possibly give to tell you to never stop growing inside. Find what feeds your soul! Nourish that above all else! Do you. Be you. Love you!

Life is full of beautiful moments when we stop to take notice. I hope you find that here.

This is my husband Dave and I on our Honeymoon in 2021. Cheers!