About The Artist

I’m Sabrina Ann, owner of Sabrina Ann Designs

Artist, Coach, and Teacher

My work is inspired by people and moments. People who dare to love, dare to dream, and dare to discover beauty in humble places, despite real hardships that exist.

I believe that people are more in need than ever to be understood, and to be celebrated for all the things they have had the strength to conquer. Like a beautiful wildflower stubbornly growing through the cracks of the sidewalk, people’s lives are never easy or perfect, but they can be radiantly beautiful! 

Being an artist is the most powerful way I can help add understanding and positive change to the world.

At a point early on, I realized I could create beauty instead of pain, and light from darkness. I found this in the most unexpected way, but it resonated so strongly with me that I knew life had been forever changed with a paintbrush. 

I have been coaching for 16 years, and been an artist for 5 years representing myself. Teaching is a new adventure I am being called to pursue and I cannot wait to see the lives of my student’s prosper! 

I hope you too feel inspired to look beyond the unexpected and mundane. To find magic in the little things around you and collect your treasures to light up your room!