Embracing Creativity & the Journey Along the Way

Moving from "I'm painting therefore I'm being creative" to "I'm being creative while painting"!


The Artists Journey

For many of us, we struggle at the mere mention of titling ourselves “Artists”. And yet there’s this intense journey we feel beckoning us, one of self-expression and the ability to create something special, something beyond words, and place what’s in our mind’s eye on canvas. 

For me this journey started as a way of relieving stress and to capture some beauty to place within the walls of my home. I never realized until much later that creativity, artistry, and self-expression would take a hold of my spirit like nothing else had ever done. But with that comes the learning, I believe, every “Artist”, “Creative”, “Art Student” or whatever title you’ve deemed appropriate to give yourself goes through.

Surprisingly, the most imperative part of this learning is not drawing, color theory, or composition but rather learning who we are as artists and where we fit in. How do we create work that is authentic to us? How do we understand ourselves, our creativity, and make original work like only we can as individuals? Finding our authenticity within our artwork requires our passion, our understanding of our own thoughts, feelings, and truths. It requires us to dig deeper, to disconnect from the opinions of others and reconnect within ourselves. To stop creating based on what is “right” for everyone else and start creating what is right to us. This is, in all esteem, the most important part. This is The Artist’s Journey!

Color Palette of the Month

Mustard Yellow

A warm and very unique color, mustard yellow serves to celebrate our diversity as human beings. It is perfect color to explore your own artistic voice in color. Paired with light pinks and deep blues, it makes a beautiful palette with a nature vibe!

Sketchbook Challenge

Let's talk about sketchbooks, what they ARE and are NOT! 

  • Sketchbooks are a wonderful way to explore and find yourself as an artist because they remove a ton of pressure and they keep things affordable. 
  • They allow you to play, experiment, and record your own decisions of what is right for you without the weight of "ruining" a canvas or needing a lot of room for storage.
  • They are not a place where your work needs to always be pretty or precious. 
  • They do not need to be shared publicly, and they most certainty need no judgment.  

Sketchbook Challenge 1

  • At the top of your sketchbook page write "Type of art I want to create". Without overthinking it write what's been inspiring you. It could be colors like golds, or styles such as abstract. There is no wrong answer here. 
  • Circle your top three answers and on the next pages draw three circles each to explore the theme you circled. and fill them in!

Sketchbook Challenge 2

  • Try out this month's color palette in an abstract landscape. 
  • Jot a quick note when something feels right or wrong to you! This is great to come back to in the future. 

Artist's Community

Want to share your own art, have questions, or gain the support of a supportive group of people who "get it"? Come join us in a private art community for beginners to experienced artists, The Artists Journey - Imagine, Learn, and Create!