The Free Artist is the Skilled Artist

Are you like me in the beginning of my art career and afraid to, um, (clears throat), fail? FAIL, ugh, the word that makes the hair on the back of our neck stand up and our stomach fall out below us.

It is uncomfortable, isn’t it? So to avoid such an anxiety ridden discomfort we play it safe. We can’t fail if we do a step by step right! We follow along the artists who seem to have it all figured out. We do the “tutorials” and we get close don’t we? But, we never really figure it out. Why that source? Why that line? Why that color? Why does all the art work look so similar? 

Now you know the problem. I know you do when you really think about it. Let’s talk about the solution. 

Failure isn’t a dirty word; it is a part of growth.

No one has ever developed a skill without failing several times. 

Failure is an opportunity to reflect on what didn’t work and adapt to what does work. 

Through failure we all arrive at success once we decide to try again in a more informed kind of way.

If you want to succeed as a unique artist, skill is nonnegotiable. Learning the elements of art as a skill is the best place to start. Learn why to choose a source. Learn why that line goes there. Learn why that color. And, learn how to create based on confidence in you!

Learning the foundations of art give way to freedom in expressing yourself as an artist and being uniquely you! 



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